About Comedy Hypnosis Shows

Learn the Facts and Lose Your Worries

There are a lot of myths about hypnosis that persist to this day, generally old ideas gleaned from Hollywood and Vaudeville. Some think that hypnotists control people like puppets, or that hypnotized subjects completely lose their free will. Thankfully, this is not the case!

The truth is that hypnosis takes place through cooperation, not control. All subjects volunteer freely, and follow suggestions willingly. All subjects have the ability to reject suggestions at any time.

Furthermore, people tend to remember much of what they experienced while hypnotized. Any forgetfulness that takes place is akin to having a daydream, or forgetting a dream when waking up in the morning. Personally, I have been hypnotized numerous times in other hypnotists' shows, and I remember every wonderful moment.

Some hypnotists will perform "adult-oriented" shows for adult audiences. I do not. I have found that it's entirely unnecessary to delve into shady territory in order to produce a hilarious show, and in fact doing so makes everyone involved feel a bit cheap.

I treat every one of my subjects like members of my family. (Don't worry... I love my family!)

Hypnosis FAQ

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a deeply peaceful state of mind that everyone can enter and use.  While in this state, your mind is focused, and your ability to recall memories and visualize is enhanced.  The state is similar to what some describe as meditation, and is one of the easiest ways to learn relaxation.

Will I lose control?

Contrary to what you see in the movies and on TV, hypnosis is a consensual state.  You are always in complete control the entire time and you will not do or say anything that violates your basic moral or ethical principles.  You are free to disregard or refuse any suggestion made by the hypnotist at any time.

Will I remember what happens?

The truth is that in hypnosis, even in the most relaxed states, the person is more aware of everything that happens and every word said.  You will be amazed that you can remember every detail of your experience clearly.

How powerful is a hypnotist?

A hypnotist (or hypnotherapist) cannot force a person do anything against his or her will.  An individual will only respond to suggestions which are appropriate for the given situation and context (comedy show, therapy, etc).

What are your qualifications?

Sean Wheeler is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist recognized by the National Guild of Hypnotists.  After years of practicing self-hypnosis and studying privately, Sean attended Hypnosis Institute International in Atlanta, GA, and established a private hypnotherapy practice. He received training in comedy stage hypnosis from the Stage Hypnosis Center in Las Vegas, NV, and has more than 10 years of experience as an improvisational comedy actor, stand-up comedian and comedy stage hypnotist.

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My Personal Guarantee

When I put on a show, I really put on a show! However, every last bit of fun is all in good taste. You have my word that every single individual in the room will be treated with respect and dignity, and no one will have a single regret about what happens during the show.

Hypnosis is already funny without venturing into inappropriate material, which means there is absolutely no need to do anything offensive whatsoever in the pursuit of a cheap laugh.

I have spent the past six years of my life establishing a reputation as a Clinical Hypnotherapist (feel free to read my clients' feedback on my hypnotherapy website), and I have done so while treating my clients with the respect they deserve. Participants in my comedy hypnosis shows are afforded the same respect, and I've never had a single complaint.

Therefore, rest assured... your show will be hilarious, good-natured, and CLEAN!


Sean Wheeler
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist;
Comedy Stage Hypnotist; Founder, Pure Hypnosis, LLC

Drawing from his extensive training and experience, Sean Wheeler uses intelligence, passion and creativity to bring comedy hypnosis shows to high schools throughout the United States, helping them to raise money while providing safe and entertaining shows that will be remembered for years to come.

"Thank you so much for such an amazing show! We look forward to doing it again next year!" -
Maureen Carnekie-Baker
National Youth Leadership Forum

Hi Sean! I was the one that talked to you extensively after the show and loved the feeling of being hypnotized. I was a little skeptical going in but by the end I was truly hypnotized. It was AWESOME."
Zack Denham
New Philadelphia High School